Thank you to those who made it possible for me to do this work, and to those who are praying for me. On Monday (June 27th) I paid for 20 more hour-long Swahili lessons, and once they are done, I will be done with Swahili school. I am feeling thankful for how much Swahili I have learned already (the title means “Thank you”). In about a month, we will begin working with some churches to start the finance and development groups. Until then, I hope to observe many churches that already have such groups, and I will spend quite a bit of time with the people who will be the members of these groups.

It’s wild that some of you would find some time in your day and talk to God about my day, that from your soul, you would talk to God about my soul. It makes me smile, a smile linked to the deeper parts of myself. Thank you.

As for prayer requests, I’ve mentioned that I struggle with wanting to be a hero. Lately, this has been hindering my ability to connect with the folks I am working with, as I catch myself thinking about being a hero, rather than being free to be present with them. I know I have said this before as well, but it does seem that if God’s love was more real, more vivid to me, I would become more in love with God and less obsessed with myself, and therefore, freer to be present with the people here.


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