My Friend Yusufu

This is my friend Yusufu.

IMG_20180603_130029 - Edited

He’s fond of silly selfies.



He’s also fond of working hard, and over the last seven months, we’ve seen him take more and more leadership in the Our Father’s House Brick Project.


We’ve been thankful to see a young man who lived several years on the streets and missed out on his schooling take so much initiative and work to move his life forward.

On Thursday night, he was clipped by a semi truck. The driver did not stop. We are deeply thankful that he was clipped, instead of run over. Had the truck veered a few more inches to the left, things would have been different.

He was discharged from the Tarime District Hospital this morning, but he still has trouble with dizziness, balance, head pain, drowsiness, and eyesight focus. The x-ray of his head detected nothing abnormal, but the doctor wants him to go to a better hospital, four hours away, to get a CT Scan, and for “further examination and management”.

The costs have already been much higher than we had budgeted for health expenses for Yusufu for the year, and will get higher with the CT scan, and transport and lodging for his stay in Mwanza, possibly reaching $500. If you want to send a gift to help us cover these costs, that would be great.

Sending information:


Mail a Check

Make check out to “Advance GCFA”, and write 3022420 on the memo line.

Mail to: Advance GCFA

PO Box 9068

New York, NY 10087-9068

Thank you for caring so much about Yusufu and these people here in Tanzania, friends.



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