Update on fundraising for 2017

Hey friends!

Quick update on fundraising and how you can give for 2017. Partially for the sake of transparency, but more importantly, because we will be able to do more if more is given in 2017.

Everything needed for the brick machine project has been generously given.

Personal expenses – You gave more than I needed in 2016. The excess has covered about a third of what I need for 2017. You have also given more this year as well, so I am in pretty good shape on personal expenses. Thank you for your kindness, friends.

Here is a list of what I spent money on in 2016: spending-summary-one-page

Here are my estimated personal expenses for 2017: personal-expenses-2017

We still need money for starting savings and loan groups, and for asset-based community development. Both have a solid track record in the area, see: Asteria’s story, tanzania-research-summarymay2014Ishishangh’oloManya ManyamaHisa. We will be working with the same folks responsible for these successes.

We need $21,200 to start this with 17 churches, as well as follow up with 3 churches where we have already started (roughly $1000 per church). About $3,500 of this is accounted for, though it’s only February. If less than $21,200 is given throughout the year, that does not mean we won’t be able to do anything. It means that we will be able to work with less churches in 2017 and that more will need to wait until 2018.

This money goes to a) bringing in Tanzanian consultants/facilitators who have already done these groups successfully b) food for the training events c) transportation to get our church leaders to the training events.

To give, you can follow this link: http://www.umcmission.org/Give-to-Mission/Search-for-Projects/Projects/3021923

Finally, I wanted to include some information on other charities in the area that are also doing good work, in case you find one there to be more excited about: Other Good Opportunities to Give to


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